What to Bring on a Float Trip


(from left to right) blue sweatshirt, aviator sunglasses, Black Dog custom graphic t-shirt, digital camera, Black Dog custom patch mesh hat, sunblock

Well you’re just about ready for your Snake River Scenic float adventure, but before your big launch make sure you know what to bring on a float trip to ensure it’s a great day on the water in Jackson Hole.

What to Wear

Make sure you wear comfortable outdoor clothing since you’ll be sitting in a raft for an extended amount of time. Dressing in layers is the rule of thumb on the river. Temps can change rapidly in the mountains, but it’s typically cooler in the mornings, warms up as the day progresses, and then cools off again at night. A t-shirt made of something besides cotton is your best bet, because hey you’re on a river and there is always the chance you might get wet. Look for shirts made of wool or a synthetic fabric that breathe and dry quickly. In case of cooler temps make sure to pack a heavier layer such as a long sleeve, sweatshirt, or light jacket. We provide fleece blankets for those that need it on those cool mornings. As far as shoes, we try our best to keep your feet dry, but it’s best to wear shoes that you won’t mind getting wet or that dry quickly.

What to Bring

The Snake River has an elevation of almost 6,500 feet, well over a mile high, so the sun’s rays can be pretty intense reflecting off the water, which makes sun block lotion a must. Make sure to get a reasonably high SPF and reapply frequently, so you don’t take home a sunburn as a souvenir. Another must have item to cut down on the sun’s glare is a hat of some kind, such as a baseball or sun hat. Sunglasses will help you deal with the bright glare off the water, so you can see all the wildlife and majestic mountains. Croakies or some other device that secures your glasses around your head can be a good idea so you don’t lose them if they fall off and get claimed by the trout. You’ll be in one of the more scenic areas in the lower 48, so feel free to bring your camera with a secure strap to snap away to make your friends and family jealous. There will be dry bags on board to secure any items, such as phones, so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

Jackson Hole scenic float trip

Owner and guide Jeff Rossberg with guests on a Jackson Hole scenic float trip down the Snake River

Float trips lasts 2 hours, so just bring what you need to be comfortable or would want to have because there are no quickie marts along the riverbanks (thankfully!). For example, if you need or might need certain medications make sure to bring them along to have handy just in case. And lastly just bring your smile and plan on using it repeatedly for the next couple of hours on the river.




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