Wildlife is Still Wild on the Snake River

Bullwinkle-full-bodyI know it sounds strange for a rafting company to say but sometimes it’s not always about the river. In fact, often it is about what you see near the river that can be fascinating and the highlight of your trip in Jackson Hole. For example, have you ever seen a bald eagle for real for real, not just on the back of a quarter? Floating down the Snake River with us offers you a great opportunity to do just that and see our national emblem in all it’s glory, free and in the wild, soaring above with its amazing seven-foot long wingspan. Seven feet??!! That’s even longer than Lebron James is tall and he’s like really tall and really famous and really good at basketball. Yeah it’s pretty wild out here on the river…literally.

Wildlife Sightings on the Snake River

There are all types of wild animals that make this valley their home and thrive by the waters of the scenic and nourishing Snake River. If you look to the sky you can play amateur birder and try and name all the types of birds you see, we’ll help you out if you get stuck and point out the ones you miss. Bet you see an osprey or two or three. Feel free to bust out, “Look at the pelican fly – come on pelican!” in your best Al Pacino, when you see all those pelicans take majestic flight right in front of the Tetons. You’ll probably see so many birds on just one float in a couple of hours to rival a birder’s “big year”, but don’t tell them they’ll just feel bad about it.

Everybody just loves to see moose, moose, moose, moose. What are moose anyway? They’re like a cross between a big horse and a giant deer with an adorable face, which may or may not talk like Bullwinkle from the Saturday cartoons of yesteryear. In the parks the moose are rubberneck worthy causing traffic jams all up and down the highways. On the river you can get a great view of them sans traffic while you cruise in river style. Only thing bigger in the park are the bison and the bears, which are a special treat to see from a distance. Yep, this really is the last of the old west.

The river provides such great wildlife viewing because these animals get thirsty just like you and me and enjoy the cool refreshing mountain waters of the Snake. It’s kind of like happy hour for them. It’s where the smart deer and elk go to grab a drink after a long day of deer and elk work. Look over on that bank, yes, that’s a buck and yes it has a ton of points on its rack! Snap. Photo. Now!

Photo cred. The Case Family

Photo cred. The Case Family

Supposedly before our founders settled on the bald eagle to represent this amazing country there were a few other animal candidates tossed around. Yes indeed things could have been quite a bit different for the old U.S. of A. if they went with a crow, a hummingbird, or a chicken as was suggested. Now there’s nothing wrong with those species and you still might see some of them on your float or perhaps on your sandwich. Heck, if Ben Franklin had his way the turkey would be the national emblem of this great country. You probably won’t see one of them, but a bald eagle, a bald eagle you very well may see when you float some of the most scenic and wildlife dense parts of the Snake River with us. So come for an afternoon and be amazed with a lifetime of wild memories. See ya on the river.

*Please note that wildlife is in fact wild and they are not paid employees of the Black Dog Raft Company, Grand Teton National Park, or the state of Wyoming. Black Dog cannot guarantee that you will see all of the animals named above on every float trip we take, but we guarantee we will point them out to you when and if we see them on your trip.