Here’s to You Summer!


No foolin’, just a great deal!

The calendar officially says spring and the thermometer definitely backs it up. In fact it’s downright balmy here in Jackson Hole, so sorry skiers it’s just about time to store those skis for the winter and bust out that river gear.

As our winter recedes and the snow melts, the runoff feeds our rivers and literally puts the stoke in our floats. Winter’s pow is like the yin to summer’s river yang. It’s the classic hyrdo-cycle at work in the Tetons and it’s what makes our rivers come alive and so much fun to ride. Because everyone knows that snowflakes just really want to be river droplets when they grow up.

To help you get over winter and primed for summer use the FOOLS15 promo code and save 15% off your float trip when you book by April 8th. Come join us as our rafting season kicks off the good times and adventures in May. Hope to see you on the river.

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Even the wildlife are excited for rafting season