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Winters in Jackson Hole

What is there NOT to do in Jackson Hole in the winter?! Here’s our list of the best ways to keep yourself busy with activities in JH in the winter! And be sure to check out our Winter Promotion at the end!

The Hole

Enjoy the Winters in Jackson Hole! Get an insiders look, in no particular order:

  • Alpine Skiing/Downhill Skiing – We have three ski resorts in the area for snowboarding, alpine skiing, and tele-skiing. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a world class ski resort that provides steep and varied terrain, over 13 lifts and great snow! Snow King Mountain is the local town ski mountain that provides inexpensive skiing and great steep terrain! Grand Targhee (about an hour drive from the town of Jackson) offers great powder stashes and is a family friendly resort.
  • Ski RunCross Country/Skate Skiing – Take a quiet, relaxing cross country tour or vigorous skate-skiing adventure on any of the area’s groomed trails. Teton County Parks and Recreation grooms several bike paths and some of the area’s golf courses (Teton Pines, Golf and Tennis, Shooting Star) become skate-skiing and cross country trails in the winter.  You can also glide on the inner park road in Grand Teton National Park or even tour up to Taggert and Bradley Lakes. You can rent gear at Skinny Skis, JHMR or at the above-mentioned golf courses.
  • Fat Tire Biking – A great way to see Grand Teton National Park in the winter is to go fat biking. The extra wide tires makes it easy to glide in the snow! You can rent bikes at Hoback Sports or at Teton Mountain Bike Tours, LLC and take a ride on one of the area’s bike paths or up Cache Creek Trailhead.
  • Togwotee Pass and Yellowstone National Park Snowmobiling – For those thrill-seekers out there, several snowmobiling adventures leave from Jackson Hole. Imagine venturing out into a winter wonderland and playing in open fields of fresh powder with no one else around or take a more relaxing trip and soak at Granite Hot Springs! Togwotee Adventures is the place to call, you might even see some of your Black Dog Guides(Jeff and Graves)! You can also rent at Togwotee Mountain Lodge and even stay the night up there
  • Sledding/Tubing – If you have your own sleds or inner tubes, there is a great sledding hill at Rendezvous Park (R Park). If not, King Tubes at the base of Snow King Mountain in the town of Jackson provides hourly rentals and a “tube” rope tow. You can get several smooth, fast rides in!
  • Winter Rollercoaster – Do you want to go even faster? Visit Snow King Mountain’s Cowboy Coaster. It takes riders up 456 feet on the mountain and zooming down twist and turns for a great thrill!
  • Ice Skating/Moose Ice Hockey – You can rent ice skates and skate on the Town Square or Snow King Center and even watch Moose Hockey there on weekend nights. You can also use your own ice skates and visit Owen Bircher Park in Wilson for some time on the ice!
  • Ice Climbing/Backcountry Skiing – For the experienced extremists, there are plenty of opportunities to go into the backcountry on various adventures. We do recommend that you go with a guide or company on your first adventures as this is the Wild West. Jackson Hole Mountain Guides is based out of Jackson and provides backcountry experiences in the park and surrounding forests and has several experienced backcountry enthusiasts.
  • snow-16843_1280Snowshoeing – Snowshoeing is an excellent way to go on a winter walk, getting a bit of exercise and clearing your head. There are several trails in the valley that can be snowshoe, but you can also break trail just about anywhere (be mindful of your surroundings). You can rent snowshoes at Teton Backcountry Rentals or at Leisure Sports in Jackson.

Jackson Hole is an outdoor-lover’s paradise, at all times of the year. Be sure to get ahead on planning your Jackson Hole summer activities by booking your rafting adventures now. Save 10% on your summer float trip when you book your rafting adventure with us between January 30th and February 13th. Use the Promo code: WINTER10 to save now!

Unfortunately we don’t float the Snake River in the middle of Jackson Hole’s winter season but hopefully these winter activities can get you excited to enjoy in the beautiful winter vistas. Contact us at 307-699-4110 for information on your next float trip in the Summer ahead.  We can’t wait to see you on the river this summer!



Right at Home

Grizzly bear
Spring is a special time of year in the Tetons. As temperatures warm through the month of May, cottonwoods begin to bloom, and morel mushrooms grace the valley floor. Ospreys and eagles patrol the rivers and pelicans appear in search of fish on their migratory routes. Spring is a time of new life and newborn bison, moose, and other ungulates may be seen taking their first steps in this small slice of paradise. Black and brown bears have emerged from their dens. Coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions reclaim their hunting grounds, and curious fox can be seen inspecting nature’s playground.

Morel mushroomsThis is a prime time of year for families and friends to reconnect with nature and wildlife in the Tetons. This wonderland demands the utmost respect and as we explore these wild places we must remember that we are in someone else’s home. National park and other public land employees do their best to set rules that allow safe exploration of these areas for both the local inhabitants and visitors alike. However, the true care and respect for this place lies in the hands of each individual. Wildlife should be viewed from a respectful distance keeping in mind that we would ask the same respect in our own homes. Interfering with natural processes or stressed out wildlife can be detrimental to the very paradise that we are seeking to enjoy and reconnect with. Also keep in mind animals are often more afraid of you than you are of them, and that they act accordingly. A frightened animal will protect itself and its young at all costs.

MooseSince the parks have opened this year there have been multiple incidents involving uneducated visitors and wildlife. A baby bison was put into a car in Yellowstone for fear that it was cold. This bison was abandoned by it’s herd for unknown reasons and was eventually euthanize by park officials.  A family near Shoshone, WY put an adolescent antelope into their car for fear that it would be hit by another vehicle. Pictures showed the antelope in the lap of a woman with a dog near by.

Contact with humans and domesticated animals can mean that an animal will be abandoned and struggle to survive on it’s own. Another incident occurred near the west entrance of Yellowstone where a woman was dangerously close to an elk. The woman was warned by a wildlife tour guide too late, she was charged by the elk and tripped while fleeing. The elk stopped short when she fell, this was definitely a lucky close call.

Be sure to educate yourself about proper respectful behavior and how to handle yourself in the event that you surprise or frighten an animal. Wearing bear bells and vocally alerting animals to your presence through conversation or singing keeps travel in wild places safe for everyone. Carrying bear spray in the event of a surprise encounter is a healthy suggestion and should only be used in extreme circumstances. Be sure to be informed on when and how to properly use bear spray. Be Gone Bear Spray is offering $9 dollar vouchers for guests of Black Dog Raft Company.

Our Jackson Hole Favorites

We are asked just about every float trip: “What are your Favorites?”

It’s no secret that summer is our favorite season over here at Black Dog Raft Company. The beautiful summer sunshine makes it easier to float the Snake, not to mention more enjoyable than say doing it in winter. Winter rafting is well, weird and pretty cold around these parts. Summertime is pretty much perfect in Black Dog Country AKA Jackson Hole. Could be the sunshine that has us in such a good mood or maybe we just like you after spending a few hours with you on one of our rafts, but we want to share some of our favorite things to do around this beautiful valley in the summer (when of course you aren’t on one of our amazing rafting trips).

Favorite Hikes

(or things to do with your legs when not in a raft)

jenny-lake-boatHidden Falls / Inspiration Point

This trail is such a Grand Teton classic it’s the hiking equivalent of peanut butter and jelly. First, take the Jenny Lake boat across the lake. It’s a peaceful and scenic start and well, we think it’s always fun to be on a boat. Plus it will shave a bunch of time off your hike and over 6 miles round trip. From the boat dock head towards Hidden Falls and you’ll be rewarded with a 200 foot waterfall. You then can double back and head towards Inspiration Point, which is well pretty inspirational and offers epic views of Grand Teton National Park.

Taggart Lake


Taggart Lake makes for a great destination hike to see some wildlife, get outdoors, and relax by the lake. It’s a 3 mile roundtrip, with a low elevation gain, so it’s rated family friendly.

Death Canyon

Located in the quieter side of Grand Teton National Park, the Death Canyon Trailhead offers stunning views of the canyon as well as the Park. You can even take a detour to Phelps Lake if you get hot and jump off a big rock to cool down. The views from inside the canyon are well worth the steps.

Hanging Canyon

Although a bit steeper and longer than the previous hikes mentioned, at about 10 miles round trip and with an elevation gain of 3,000 feet Hanging Canyon makes for a wonderful destination hike. The trail may not be as well maintained as the others, but all that effort pays dividends in the scenery department. Especially when the wildflowers are blooming.

Favorite Canine Adventures

(things do with your four legged friends)

Cache Creek

ellie-playing-waterJust a stones throw from the town of Jackson, Cache Creek is the perfect get away spot for you and your dog to commune with nature. This well traveled trail system offers multiple paths for exploration for humans and canines alike.

The Levee

The Levee is known as the dike that goes along the Snake River in Jackson. It’s right before you get to the Village/Wilson intersection. It’s a long endless straight away on either side of the Snake River that offers plenty of real estate for you to play with your dog.

Favorite Fun Things to Do

(when not on the River, of course)

Farmers Market on Saturday

Jackson Hole Farmer's Market on the Town Square

Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market on the Town Square

The Town Square is the place to be on Saturdays to buy fresh, amazing, and tasty, local food. The market runs Saturday mornings from 8 am – 12 pm July 11 – September 26. You might want to show up early because the good food might just run out. There is also free local music to provide a soundtrack for your shopping.

Live Concerts


Jackson offers a ton of live music in the summer. One great series is the Jackson Hole Live Series which is free. The next upcoming concert is Wednesday, August 5th with Shakey Graves. Check out for the whole lineup. Also head over to to see what other live concerts are coming to Jackson.

Paddle Boarding

paddle-boardingHead over to Rendezvous River Sports and rent a paddle board and get on the water at Slide Lake or String Lake. See why stand up paddle boarding has become the latest craze. Go to for rental info.


We take picnic’ing seriously at Black Dog Raft Company and think it’s one of  summer’s best past times. To do it right, pack plenty of your favorite snacks and sandwiches from any of the fine shops in town and head to your favorite picnic spot, or if you don’t have one we would suggest Slide Lake or heading out in to the Gros Ventre area.

Stagecoach Band

stagecoach-bandFor a real Jackson Hole tradition check out the Stagecoach Band at the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson. The Band has only been performing on Sundays for the last 44 years. “Sunday Church” as it’s billed runs from 6 pm – 10 pm.

ATV Tour

The fine folks at Adventure Rentals will get you out into the wilds of the Bridger-Teton National Forest on your very own ATV. Guided tours consist of small groups led by expert guides. For info on tours and prices head over to

Ride the Tram

tram-rideIt’s just as epic at the top of the tram on Rendezvous Peak in the summer as it is in winter, unless you are on skis. The best views of the valley can be found at the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. And if you get hungry hit up Corbet’s Cabin for a killer waffle. Tickets start at $37 for adults at the window, but you can save $5 when you order online. For more info go to

Favorite Eats


noras-fish-creek-innNora’s Fish Creek Inn parking lot is so packed with cars, that if you didn’t know it was an award winning restaurant you may just assume that it’s a rental car place. Don’t let the line of cars scare you off or fool you. Go ahead drive right in and wait patiently if necessary for a table. You’ll be glad you did. You can’t go wrong with any of their selections, but may we suggest the Biscuits and Gravy. We haven’t steered you wrong yet have we?

pearl-st-bagelsPearl Street Bagels is another one of our morning routines, it’s right up there with brushing our teeth. With two locations, one right by Nora’s in Wilson and one in downtown Jackson for all your coffee and bagel needs. Just don’t ask them to toast your bagel. Don’t worry they are so good they don’t need it.


Brunch isn’t so much a meal as an event. Whatever it is, it’s glorious. Your two best bets for this splendid thing called brunch is Café Genevieve and The Bird (but only on Sundays).

Café Genevieve

cafe-genevieve-logoThis Jackson Hole institution serves breakfast every day until 3pm and just happens to have Jackson’s earliest happy hour which starts at 3pm. So, you can basically gorge until it’s time to drink happily. But, let’s not stray from the task at hand, which is brunch. Speaking of which, brunch has it’s own menu here. With such crowd pleasers as Fried Chicken and Waffles or Cajun Eggs Benedict you may not look at brunch the same way when returning to lower elevations.

The Bird

thebird-logoBrunch here is billed as “Sunday Funday, the best f’n day of the week”. At least it is from 10 am – 3 pm. Bottomless mimosas and bloodies for $15, need we say more? Oh yeah they also feature all the brunch hits at reasonable prices to help soak up all that alcohol. Is it Sunday already?


creekside-market-deliThis one is easy peezy, head over to Creekside Deli and grab a giant sandwich of your own choosing, made fresh just for you. It’ll be wrapped and ready for your day’s adventure if you can contain yourself.




For good eats that are easy on your wallet head back to The Bird or Eleanor’s Bar & Grill. Burgers are the real deal here at The Bird, as are the wings, and the schnitzel.

eleanors-barOr head over to Eleanor’s Bar & Grill. They didn’t win best wings two years in row in Jackson for nothing. Plenty of excellent Mexican dishes as well as delicious sandwiches and burgers to fill you up.

Reward yourself with a little more upscale meal..

If you are looking to reward yourself with a more upscale dining options we got you covered there as well. Go ahead and treat yourself you deserve it after watching your raft guide burn all those calories rowing your group all day.gun-barrel-logo

  • Local – Go for the elk chop or the sautéed Idaho trout.
  • Snake River Grill – menu changes seasonally, but we always recommend the steak when they have it.
  • The Gun Barrel – great place for steak and game, we say the buffalo prime rib is out of this world.
  • The Blue Lion – always tasty, but you cant miss with the roast rack of lamb or the grilled elk tenderloin.  

 We hope you get the chance to check out some of these Black Dog can’t miss summer fun activities. Until then, see ya on the river.

Dad’s are Rad!

moose-drinkingThe water is high and the scenery is vibrant green and absolutely stunning all along the Snake River. The animals are out and they love to meet with our float trip just along the shore for a little drink. With cameras and binoculars ready you may just get some sweet photos to post later and make others incredibly jealous! dads-Special_v2So let’s get down to it — Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21st and we know how much we all love our Dads! So to honor Dad’s everywhere we are offering 15% off with the use of our promotion code: DAD15. Be sure to book and use this code until Friday, June 19, 2015.

So call us and take your dad on the best float trip in Jackson Hole this season!

Also, here’s a list of some cool Father’s Day activities in Jackson Hole:

  • Go on a hike up Josie’s Ridge or Crystal Butte for a little exercise and fun
  • Sit on the deck at The Bird and enjoy the view and some delicious chicken wings
  • Fly fishing or float down with him on the Snake River
  • Check out some live music – Jackson Hole Live at the base of Snow King Mountain (John Butler Trio plays on Father’s Day)
  • Pack a delicious picnic in Grand Teton National Park (Creekside Market have the best sandwiches around)
  • Dad’s will love going to The Virg (The Virginian) for breakfast, they have nice hearty breakfasts

Rain, Rain, Here to Stay!


Lately it’s been raining cats and black dogs here in Jackson Hole. It’s like we live in Seattle, but with more scenic mountains, no offense to any coffee drinking hipsters residing to our west.

In fact it’s been raining in Jackson Hole so much that if we weren’t already in the rafting business, we’d probably start building an ark or two, just to be on the safe side. Luckily, we’ve got the finest fleet of rafts in the business and are prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us.

Move over April as this past May was the wettest on record in the United States. It’s true May showers bring rafters delight. The rain helps to fill our rivers and turn them into fast cruising highways for your scenic floating pleasure. It’s like the rain crafts our rivers and waterways into high class performance sports cars that get 4,000 cubic feet per second to the gas tank, so to speak. Proudly made in America this ain’t your grandfather’s Snake River. True the river’s are surging and currently running high, but don’t worry when you take one of our scenic floats you’ll be riding in style, comfort, and safety and can leave the driving, er rowing to us, as you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the epic views. Everyone rides first class at Black Dog Raft Company.

Our winter snowpack may have been slightly off our usual legendary totals which feeds into our waterways, but the rain we had in May is keeping our rivers on track for what is shaping up to be another beautiful summer on the Snake.

Rain makes the flowers and rivers bloom around here. Don’t worry the sun is coming out and we’ve got plenty of room for you on one of our SCENIC floats. Yeah we just went ahead and capitalized bolded, and italicized the word SCENIC just now. It’s an old typographers trick to bring emphasis to a word, to make it stand out. It’s the least we could do to give you a small inkling of what your day is in for when you join us for a float. In other words it’ll be breathtaking, dramatic, grand, panoramic, spectacular, impressive, striking or basically SCENIC on steroids. We can’t wait to have you join us for an unforgettable float on the Snake River. Morning, noon, or afternoon we have the right trip for you. So go ahead and book a trip with us at

See ya on the river.

Here’s to You Summer!


No foolin’, just a great deal!

The calendar officially says spring and the thermometer definitely backs it up. In fact it’s downright balmy here in Jackson Hole, so sorry skiers it’s just about time to store those skis for the winter and bust out that river gear.

As our winter recedes and the snow melts, the runoff feeds our rivers and literally puts the stoke in our floats. Winter’s pow is like the yin to summer’s river yang. It’s the classic hyrdo-cycle at work in the Tetons and it’s what makes our rivers come alive and so much fun to ride. Because everyone knows that snowflakes just really want to be river droplets when they grow up.

To help you get over winter and primed for summer use the FOOLS15 promo code and save 15% off your float trip when you book by April 8th. Come join us as our rafting season kicks off the good times and adventures in May. Hope to see you on the river.

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Even the wildlife are excited for rafting season

The Dog That Launched a Thousand Rafts


Ellie, the inspiration behind it all

First came the dog. Then came the company. The dog ironically didn’t even like water, but its loveable attitude still inspired its owners to follow their dreams and start their very own rafting company in Jackson, Wyoming. Ellie, whom Black Dog Raft Company is named after, prefers to spend her time hiking, chasing birds, lounging, napping, and dreaming of the activities fore mentioned. Ellie’s pretty much the sweetest and most loving dog imaginable and set an example for her owners to do what they love for a living. In time Ellie literally became the face and logo of the company and the rest is as they say rafting history, but first here’s how three drops of water turned into a current and became Black Dog.

When you love water you follow its course and let it take you for the ride. The ride for co-owner Mandie Lanier began far from Jackson on the east coast in Georgia. Mandie grew up on St. Simon’s Island where she learned to swim before she could even walk. Drawn to the ocean and the water she started kayaking regularly in the Atlantic in high school. She left the coast to go to school at the University of Georgia, but like a tributary she followed the currents pull 300 miles back to St. Simon’s Island and got back in the water when she returned home. Once back she quickly became an ocean kayak guide for a local outfitter named Southeast Adventure. Her experience at Southeast Adventure was a positive one and would eventually be the inspiration of how to run a business of her own in the outdoor industry. The only wrinkle was she knew she was ready for some western adventure, so she packed up her life and her rescue dog Ellie and moved to Jackson. After three years in the valley she met co-owner Jeff Rossberg and they followed the flow of the currents once again to Maui where they both decided that they wanted to be outside for “work” rather than a cubicle and the idea for Black Dog was hatched, sketched out in the sand and on cocktail napkins.

Co-owner Jeff Rossberg’s story begins closer to where Black Dog’s story begins as he grew up around the west enjoying the outdoors. He got his first taste of rafting on the Green River and took his first trip down the famed Snake at just age ten. Jeff loved the water but concentrated mostly on climbing and skiing while in high school. His passion for rafting got him into guiding at age twenty-five, so he left Salt Lake City and followed the water’s flow back up to Jackson. In addition to guiding he’s also an avid whitewater kayaker. Jeff spent twelve years in the industry guiding for a local Jackson company before he knew he wanted to own his own rafting company.

The water’s currents brought Jeff, Mandie, and Ellie’s lives together and back again to Jackson. Jeff and Mandie got engaged this past spring and their love of water has always been a bond. They have a simple company vision for Black Dog Raft Company and that is to keep it a personable and intimate experience for their guests. They treat their employees like an extended family and those talented guides help make Black Dog Raft Company what it is today. The company’s future goals are to have permits for whitewater and offer whitewater trips. All of the staff at Black Dog Raft Company are avid rafters and kayakers so work never feels like work but rather where they simply prefer to be for the day. The most rewarding part of their job is introducing people to the river and getting them inspired by it. The off-season offers time for other passions, but Mandie and Jeff quickly both agree that a perfect day is a day on the river! Join Mandie and Jeff for your own perfect day on the river when you book a trip with Black Dog Raft Company and see where the water’s current will take you.


Ellie, the face of the franchise

Wildlife is Still Wild on the Snake River

Bullwinkle-full-bodyI know it sounds strange for a rafting company to say but sometimes it’s not always about the river. In fact, often it is about what you see near the river that can be fascinating and the highlight of your trip in Jackson Hole. For example, have you ever seen a bald eagle for real for real, not just on the back of a quarter? Floating down the Snake River with us offers you a great opportunity to do just that and see our national emblem in all it’s glory, free and in the wild, soaring above with its amazing seven-foot long wingspan. Seven feet??!! That’s even longer than Lebron James is tall and he’s like really tall and really famous and really good at basketball. Yeah it’s pretty wild out here on the river…literally.

Wildlife Sightings on the Snake River

There are all types of wild animals that make this valley their home and thrive by the waters of the scenic and nourishing Snake River. If you look to the sky you can play amateur birder and try and name all the types of birds you see, we’ll help you out if you get stuck and point out the ones you miss. Bet you see an osprey or two or three. Feel free to bust out, “Look at the pelican fly – come on pelican!” in your best Al Pacino, when you see all those pelicans take majestic flight right in front of the Tetons. You’ll probably see so many birds on just one float in a couple of hours to rival a birder’s “big year”, but don’t tell them they’ll just feel bad about it.

Everybody just loves to see moose, moose, moose, moose. What are moose anyway? They’re like a cross between a big horse and a giant deer with an adorable face, which may or may not talk like Bullwinkle from the Saturday cartoons of yesteryear. In the parks the moose are rubberneck worthy causing traffic jams all up and down the highways. On the river you can get a great view of them sans traffic while you cruise in river style. Only thing bigger in the park are the bison and the bears, which are a special treat to see from a distance. Yep, this really is the last of the old west.

The river provides such great wildlife viewing because these animals get thirsty just like you and me and enjoy the cool refreshing mountain waters of the Snake. It’s kind of like happy hour for them. It’s where the smart deer and elk go to grab a drink after a long day of deer and elk work. Look over on that bank, yes, that’s a buck and yes it has a ton of points on its rack! Snap. Photo. Now!

Photo cred. The Case Family

Photo cred. The Case Family

Supposedly before our founders settled on the bald eagle to represent this amazing country there were a few other animal candidates tossed around. Yes indeed things could have been quite a bit different for the old U.S. of A. if they went with a crow, a hummingbird, or a chicken as was suggested. Now there’s nothing wrong with those species and you still might see some of them on your float or perhaps on your sandwich. Heck, if Ben Franklin had his way the turkey would be the national emblem of this great country. You probably won’t see one of them, but a bald eagle, a bald eagle you very well may see when you float some of the most scenic and wildlife dense parts of the Snake River with us. So come for an afternoon and be amazed with a lifetime of wild memories. See ya on the river.

*Please note that wildlife is in fact wild and they are not paid employees of the Black Dog Raft Company, Grand Teton National Park, or the state of Wyoming. Black Dog cannot guarantee that you will see all of the animals named above on every float trip we take, but we guarantee we will point them out to you when and if we see them on your trip.

River Guide Spotlight: Owen Popinchalk


L to R: Scotty, Owen, James, Willi & Kyle

Sure his name sounds a bit funny and even made up. Like the main character from some 80’s flick that is an Aspen Extreme rip off, but with mountain climbing instead of skiing. But whatever you do don’t try and pigeon hole this rafting guide. Owen is not the typical guide or typical anything for that matter. Owen seems to have it all figured out. Maybe he’s been listening to the wise master Bruce Lee, who once said, “Be like water.” Owen lives by this sage advice as he rips up the pow on skis in the winter and then chases the mountain run off all summer on a raft. He’s like water alright, and he’s dedicating his life to following the flow of the hydra cycle, which makes you in perfect hands with this guide.

Owen’s second home is the river. He’s only been kayaking since he was 13 and been guiding professionally for a decade, getting his start at 18. Owen’s one of the lucky ones, he was born in Jackson Hole and didn’t have to learn of its existence on some exotic map.

He left paradise to go to college, but was smart enough to return. He’s a select river guide who can break down the aesthetics of Organic architecture, probably citing Frank Lloyd Wright’s, Falling Water, (always water with this kid) as a prime example. He could also tell you the name of the fonts on your Jackson Hole t-shirt that you just bought on the square. He studied both architecture and graphic design at the University of Colorado and then Fort Lewis College. Yeah, this guy is on some other tip mentally, but he’s also equally impressive for his athletic feats. He’s a true mountaineer in the Tetons; those big things off in the distance that you came here to stare at it. He’s been up close and personal and bagged such famous winter ascents as the Grand and the Cathedral Traverse.

Owen hiking the Tetons Photo from Instagram

Owen hiking the Tetons
Photo from Instagram

When he’s not inspiring Super Man you can find Owen unwinding in Kelly, Wyoming with his girlfriend and their loyal Australian Shepard, Yuki. Good chance they’ll be plotting their next adventure and tending to their garden. Be water Owen, oh wait you already are.

Follow Owen’s Instagram at yurtian for more of his adventures! 


Stretch your River Legs and Head to the Farmers Market

You gotta come off the river sometime, maybe to refuel, stretch your river legs, or to just take a break before your next adventure down the Snake River. A great place to experience Jackson’s local food and flavor in the summer is to check out the farmers market — Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market and the Jackson Hole People’s Market. Both offer a great opportunity to taste local treats and brews and mingle with some locals on different days of the week.

Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market

Jackson Hole Farmer's Market on the Town Square

Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market on the Town Square

In the summer of 2000 local Jim Darwiche had a great idea to get people together and sample the tastes of the Tetons. Sounds great to us because now we have an outdoor market on the Square that offers entertainment, spotlights local chefs, and supports a different local nonprofit each week. The Market is each Saturday from 8am – 12 pm on the Town Square and runs until September 20th. You’ll find a ton of offerings including: fresh produce, herbs, fresh baked bread, homemade pies, locally raised beef, cheese, honey, flowers and more.

Make sure to check out the Chef of the Week booth, where you’ll find a local chef cooking up some tasty treats straight from their restaurant menu. You can even sample some of the food for free.

There is a different musician each week to provide the perfect soundtrack to your local shopping experience. The Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market is a great way to kick off your weekend.

People’s Market

Market bounty of deliciousness!

Market bounty of deliciousness!

If you can’t wait until the weekend to get your fix for fresh local foods then head over to the People’s Market on hump day at the base of Snow King. The People’s Market runs every Wednesday from 4pm – 7pm through September 17th. The People’s Market enters its 5th year delighting locals and tourists alike with healthy and local offerings of food, beer, and great live music. Make sure to stock up on food or at least enough to get you to Saturday when you can hit the Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market and do it all over again.

After the People’s Market ends at 7pm stick around with the family for free Bike-in movies. The movie dates are August 6th, 20th, 27th and September 3rd, 2014 (dates subject to change every year). Movies to be announced. Just bring a blanket and throw a picnic with the delicious food you just bought. Relax with some local beer and enjoy the beautiful cool summer night.

September 17th offers a twist to the People’s Market with the 4th annual Iron Chef Competition. If you’ve seen the show you know the drill. The contest pits two teams of chefs against each other who must create a unique dish in an hour using local ingredients that are revealed to them just prior to the start. The teams are then judged and one winner is declared Iron Chef of Jackson Hole.

Now you know where to get your fill of fresh, local, and healthy foods in Jackson Hole. Until then, see ya on the river.